Beautiful Procrastination

Beautiful Procrastination

This version of Gooey features Chester Watson (more hidden rap talent waiting to be heard in eargasmic moments when everything else in life seems to be failing).

Have a looksy at his lovely picture with a bowl of cereal? Yum. 

Love as always,

diligent University student who is attempting all forms of procrastibaking, procrastiwrting, procrasticoffe drinking, etc.


The next big thing in music for me

A quartet from Oxfordshire- The Glass Animals
making haunting melodies that i can hear when i fall asleep and when i wake up.
Their debut album ‘Zaba’ is out.
Do not hesitate go listen to their songs on the Youtube mix.
NB: their music videos are wrecked (experimental? not sure) but it’s all good. Listen to the sounds and space out
Wait to be amazed by the next big thing in music 😀

Look out for…
#1 Gooey
#2 Black Mambo
#3 Exxus
#4 Psylla

Ridiculous origins for commonplace words

I’m not actually going to give you a little history 101 on of each the origins. But think about it. How did culture influence language to make even a pair of pants turn into a stereotype for the guy who now wears them ironically. Hmmmmmm….

So let’s start with-

1/ Hipster

2/ Crunk: according to the context can mean being ‘crazy and drunk’ or ‘high and drunk’. Either way you’re too drunk to spell drunk properly. Also a type of music: combination of hip-hop and electronic specifically designed to confuse white people (hahahaha).

Origins: popularised by  Conan O Brien on his show when he tried to form a word that sounded like an insult (a combination of swear words) without actually meaning anything.. 

3/ Vagina: is Latin for sheath- clearly feminism was not invented when this word was. 

4/ Avacado: 

(from the word “Ahuacatl”), comes from an Aztec language called Nahuatl, and the Aztecs weren’t afraid to call things like they saw them. What I am saying is that the Aztecs saw avocados like testicles.

 5/ Whiskey

comes from the Gaelic words uisge beatha, which literally mean “water of life.” Scottish people take their drinking really fucking seriously.

6/ Salmon:

Salmon comes from the Latin word for “To jump,” salire, and that actually totally makes sense when you think about it. For a fish, salmon are unbelievably good at jumping.

7/ Mortgage:

The word “Mortgage” comes from the Old French mort (dead) and gage (pledge), and now I don’t want to buy a house anymore.




Overdosed on my own species

Greetings: here’s the scene for you to imagine: some guy singing and strumming his guitar (spanish style) playing on the kitchen speakers, dishes are piling up (somewhere in between of ‘don’t bother’ and dangerously high) the heater is cranked up, socks on and my pocket journal of thoughts lying face down on my lap. 

The empty whiteness of the screen is reassuring. I have alone time. Home alone. Is it very lonely this aloneness?

I’m starting to reconsider. Today’s scene with (25,000 people) protesters gathered together for ‘Bust the Budget – May Marches’ in Melbourne. Too many unfinished conversations with people i would like to sticky tape to a chair and say

‘ shut up and listen to me ‘

Forget about where you have to be, go, see, eat, meet. 

Just stay where you are. I’m feeling angry with myself for saying all the wrong things, too fast, too enthusiastic, too quickly. Being hurried and floundering for the right words, when all along i had them at the tip of my tongue. Forget about the painful need for reciprocated love (definitely born out of the childhood habit of living with dogs). Damn. But what about all those teddy bears?

I guess imagination swoops in like a safety blanket and saves your child-self from not feeling the love back. What now? What now? 

I made you a playlist.. to keep Life under control.

Okay so i happened to come upon some free time (eeeee eeeeeeee) this morning. And i can’t go hang out in South Lawn, and read Great expectation for class because. It’s wet. We all love Winter in Melbourne don’t we? joy to be alive.

So let me be your Thursday morning playlist: Listen in this order (preferably) otherwise just go…wild. 










10) Bonus Track…. wait for it…