thrill-seekers in holiday time.. (continued)

I have this feeling of greed in my heart, and probably my eyes, that dances and quivers for more holiday time. . . one night means 12 hours or a few more, and time doesn’t perform it’s magic elasticity that i admire it so much for. No need to cry. I’m sure there’ll be more in say… eight weeks? (crytime) 

anyway this is my neverending funtimes list of movies that i made (to cheerup and chinup) plus i watched some of these in the last two weeks so for memories sake… here goes.

#1 Little Miss Sunshine (the awkward laughter one)

#2 On the road 

#3 Amelie 

#4 Delicacy

#5 Fight club (this is for hard core thrill seekers only. beware. i was shattered after)

#6 Howl (artsy)

#7 Intouchables ( this is on top of the list for me)

#8 The Darjeeling Limited (quirky)

#9 City of embers 

#10 Whip it

#11 Harold and Maude ( cult classic)

#12 Silver Linings playbook

#13 Across the Universe (of course)

#14 StarWars (IV, V and VI preferably together)

#15 StarWars (I, II and III together 🙂

#16 The Hobbit 

#17 LOTR preferably one at a time please

#18 The Time travellers wife

#19 500 days of summer

#20 Juno (for ellen page)

#21 Into the Wild

#22 The perks of being a wallflower

#23 The curious case of benjamin button

#24 Garden State

#25 what else just go read a book now plesse..

no wait i know- August Rush (for guitar jamming scene please)


Yep. i feel so much better feeling already (:

Beauty. Catch you on the other side of the rainbow..


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