[Can be ignored, Can be read]

Hello all

do you know what? sometimes it’s like you wake up and boom! it’s a good day.

Just like that. It’s crazy. And other days.. well you know… stuff happens, we feel stuff, and do stuff. And then forget all about them. 😦 What about these days, i wonder, would make them remember-able? How can we make this day worthy of re-telling. Of being able to recount the events as if they matter. To you. And your friends. And maybe the general public even, i don’t know.

So what makes today more memorable than the days of stuff happening?? (ugh i shudder to call it that) I’m not a hundred percent sure but it could be any of the following things- It rained on me, i read the Lord of the Rings before school without falling asleep on the pages, i bought some blood-oranges, i stalked Salvador Dali, i fell in love with him, i decided to write a pathetic post on life (fail?) and it goes on…

Sorry. That was unbearably unreadable. 

I have mad urges to watch How i met your Mother. But shall not. Because today is slowly turning into a day of stuff. And however much i don’t really care any more, i think that i care enough about my days to take care of them.

Maybe save it in the nick of time. Wow. Strange post. Time to leave i guess. Wow.

Wow. WOW. Have a wonderful day 


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