what is that feeling?

So i spent the last five minutes searching the world wide web for a song that would express what i’m going to say in 10 seconds… and failed. It’s like a combination of watching Wake up Sid, staying at home when your sick, and drinking lemon and ginger tea.

It’s like nostalgia in a bath tub. It’s so thick that the bubbles are sinking. And i’m sitting in their drowning and trying to search for distractions like dinosaurs and Lord of the Rings, and Dylan Moran. And they’re failing.

Ach. Wake up Sid. why you do this to me? it makes me want to do all of this simultaneously:

  • get wet in Monsoon rains
  • sit on the terrace
  • buy a white kurta and lounge around till my sickness goes away

  • get some fairy lights. (heaps. enough to share with everyone)

  • banish nostalgia because it’s too painful.


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