I’ve just realised that the music i listen to… is weird (Not weird if i leave it alone and not analyse it) But it has a weird relationship to my wehereabouts and whati’mdoing and pourquoi (why). It’s as if certain kinds of music have effect only at the particular time of the day. They work like an instant happiness reaction between my ears and my heart and make everything exactly puurrfect. I momentarily forget about deforestation, animal extinction (Tasmanian Tigers 😦 and sterilisation of the entire human race (Okay. The last one is only because of watching the entire season of Utopia. But that’s going in another post). It’s like the music makes me wake up, find a patch of sunshine and do a little dance of ecstasy. 

It’s actually the highlight of my everyday existence. (: 

So.. not to bother you with the entire analytical report but here’s the summary: haha

Before 8.00 in the morning = so bright (Nappy roots- good day) haha or Sufjan Stevens, Vampire Weekend, Lumineers, the Kooks etc : who tend to be annoying at any other time

Till 12 noon = nujazz, acid jazz (Chinese Man, Caravan Palace, Parov stellar)

from 12.00-3.00: classical various, or lots of Piano jazz ( recomposiitons esp. James Booker, Ash Grunwald)

3.00-5.00 : inspirational ( Vitamin String Quartet, LOTR soundtrack)

5.00- 10.00 : mixed variety of beats ( triphop, new jazz, loud) Alt-j 

After 10.00 : Ben l’oncle, Poldoore, etc

Something that works irrespective of all the other criteria is Concerning Hobbits. (: (:

Okay music outta here xo


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