Stress is deterred … by Gypsy Music

Stress is deterred … by Gypsy Music

So many assignments.

So many exams. Fear not, there is always Gypsy Music.

Here is a fabulous playlist on 8tracks with an incredible selection. It’s going to be playing in my room for the next two months atleast…

‘The crack of doom is coming soon’ (Crack of doom – The Tiger Lillies). I’m not sure why this is soothing… but it’s working. Ah you gotta love it.

Here is a sampler of the first few songs:

  • Weird to Be Back- Firewater
  • J’aurais bien voulu- Babylon Circus
  • Lina -Bela Lakatos & The Gypsy Youth Project
  • Belleville -rendez-vous M
  • Ghost of Stephen Foster- Squirrel Nut Zippers
  • Minor Swing -Django Reinhardt
  • Mehum Mato -Fishtank Ensemble
  • Crack of Doom- The Tiger Lillies
  • Overture -DeVotchKa

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