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Okay so stats are meant to reflect what people think (meaning that the zero views of my blog in the past week actually reflects something. It does not.) and that most Australians want Tony Abbott as PM. (What were we thinking? What were we fucking thinking?) 

I’m dissapointed on two levels. The first is the realisation that the community i am surrounded by is a minority in comparison to the general population’s values (voted in Liberal fucking Abbott). And secondly, that as a democratic country Australia hasn’t proved anything at all through it’s half century of juggling the govt between Labor and Liberal. What the hell happened in 50 years of time? 

Time. Don’t let me start on the depressing amount of time people are taking to.. 

never mind.

Anywho, so in the last 50 years lets see.. Govt’s juggled between Labor and Libs atleast 9 times since WWII and how has their policies changed Australian society. Ohh.. another explosion of internal rage.

But i was thinking/ talking to a friend. Who (trust) doesn’t vote in the elections and isn’t fined for it because he’s not on the electoral roll to begin with (meaning he’s never voted since he was 18 years old. That’s a long time. This is no youngster i speak of..) So.. he thinks that in this juggle between two party system true democracy is sacrificed by this play between leaders and ‘popular policy’. And in short nothings changed dramatically even when a new govt comes into action (and they decide to bring in ‘new policy’ over all affairs). But really. what. has. changed.

I think my political bone in my body has taken a beating. From these elections.

And i know it’s not as dramatic as this…

But hell. It felt like that one week ago. Maybe we should take a chill pill and go to sleep.

Just eat apple pie and crispy vanilla ice-cream and try to keep calm and finish the year without too many #ihateabbottpeacefulriots

I’m outta here

Also about the statistics i just remembered Numbers are not real. You can’t go into your garden and find a seven. Nope. Human invention to make life ‘easier but harder’. Hence stats = fail. reflection of invented truth. Ha

I’m seriously outta here (:


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