Those dreadful combinations..

Here’s the thing:

I know that everything will turn out all right eventually but right now (while i’m waiting) here’s a list of those combinations…of seemingly innocent things… but when you put them together boom! your in the middle of some of the things i find especially dreadful

[so you may not be interested but it’s making me feel better so please – cooperate will you]

  1. The smell of freshly killed grass + and petrol (this happens everytime someone mows their lawn. so god help me i have to get out of there). This may have something to do with my love for grass and grief at its imminent death.

  2. tears and food. The tears get in the way, and the tears make even pizza taste yuck.

  3. rain and bad days. Somehow this just signals crawling into bed and watching the sky cry with you..

  4. holidays and homework. Enough said.

  5. Ipod without earphones. (this has made me cry recently so..)

  6. movies with subtitles. (internal shudder)

  7. Coffee without sugar. hahahahaha

  8. getting locked out off da house and wallowing in your own stupidity..

    okay i’ll stop. Mission accomplished. i am positively not down any more. Haha or it could be because of this:



  1. General election in India next year, and most everyone is confuzzled about who to vote for—a so-called socialist party that has done practically nothing while our economy has happily collapsed over the last few years, or a Hindu-nationalist party that makes me so angry I want to scream.

  2. Political parties are… the worst representations of the ideals of a country and its people. So extreme. So imbalanced. They all get stuck in the merry go round of political fighting

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