Bare necessities

Goodmorning. I have for you what i brainstormed over breakfast. I was reading an article about the ‘bare essentials’ of different individuals that got me thinking in the first place.. what do i think qualify as my necessities..and live-with-outs?

Please sit back and think about this. it’s no 1 minuter. (It took me about 10 actually..)

Wait for it…

THE LIST OF 10 NECESSITIES as of 25.07.2013

  1. 1000 pages of unlined paper in a journal
  2. A black pen
  3. Hair ties
  4. The book ‘On the Road‘ by Jack Keruac [the original unedited scroll]
  5. Earphones
  6. my laptop
  7. contact lenses and solution 🙂
  8. film camera (loaded)
  9. my black cardigan (with gold edges)
  10. 9 x seasons of How i met your mother.. (hahahaha please i need it)


  11. A dog (come on guys i’m lonely..  Plus i don’t actually have this at the moment.. but for future reference)Der you go. Here’s some food for thought: ten years from now i will probably be rolling on the floor laughing and crying (at the same time) over this list. So.. it’s all for purposes of future entertainment friends.



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