Upfront apologies


The art of talking/writing/blogging/thinking is to engage the reader AND yourself simultaneously. The secret to why writer’s write is because everyone has an ego to feed (and sometimes a stomach: take the case of J.K Rowling writing for the sake of money to start with). So this is a sincere and upfront proclamation:

IT may seem that sometimes i get lured into writing irrelevantly about anything that passes between my ears because i need to see my words appear like little black symbols across the clean white canvas. I need to. It makes me happy. 

So even though i strive to write meaningfully and truthfully about life as i see, hear and feel it – i get sidetracked. I get tired. I get bored… i wilt.

Then posts that sometimes have no deeper meaning just make their way to the top, without me meaning to – the words come spilling out like rain when it’s raining…

So my life see-saws precariously between self-proclaimed highs and self-sufferring lows and my mental capacity is affected by so many things. Food. Showers. Exams. Sad Movies. the list is endless… and then suddenly i can’t control my writing. Sometimes Tony Abbot appears in my mind and reminds me about why i need to seriously write to detox my thoughts. Sometimes it’s a song that triggers it ( Has anyone heard Bhangra Bros by Firewater? Get onto it) and sometimes it’s something in the day that infleunces my random rants on life here.

Trust me. If i could i would control this outflow. But seeing as i can’t.. i’m just going to say that i promise i will try never to be boring, repetitive (only when it concerns Jim Sturgess it’s allowed) or plain pathetic. I will try. Now that that’s out of the way…

I will feel like a much better writer writing about exactly whatever i damn well feel like.

So, Wait for it…. 


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