Old Poetry uncovered on the trusty laptop

[This was a poem inspired by the Convent Precinct, where i spent the last two years going to school in. No i’m not a nun. No i’m not catholic. No. No idea. We just happen to be located here.] And guess what? i’m going to miss it. Terribly. Oh so so so so… terrribly.. Post script: it is not the coffee from the cafe that i miss. It is the fact that it inspired me to write nonsense poems like this. On it.

The Convent skies

So clear like delicious

Blue tac

Tacked to a thin layer

Of the atmosphere

Won’t you peer

At it?

Go on…


Ah! What a sight

I could take a bite

out of the sky to eat

For supper

I am a pauper

In this blue tac world


Just a pearl

Living a Convent life

Under Convent skies


Oh Christ,

Somebody save me

The grass has turned to cabbage.





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