Some background and context: Kill your Darlings

Some background and context: Kill your Darlings

So they are making a movie. Called Kill Your Darlings…

Guess who has already written a book, based loosely on the same events? Two of our very own beat writers: William S Burroughs and Jack Kerouac. It was a collaboration (at this point i started salivating to get my hands on this book.. )

But all the reviews i’ve read.. say it’s only positive is the fact that the book is a testimony of the ‘latent talent’ that both the writers had. The book itself is no masterpiece.

I guess it does tell its tale. the murder.. everything… New York City… the characters… (names obviously changed). In fact one reviewer said that Lucien Carr pleaded the two not to publish the book while he was still alive (a fact that the book did tell his story to some extent).

It’s called And the Hippos were boiled in their Tanks.

Yes- the morbidly exciting title is getting to me. I need to get me hands on this book as soon as i’m done with examinations.

(Published by penguin in 2008)


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