three cheers for the New Year..


Good evening.. how do people usher in the new year?

by staying up late drinking? (and dancing is a must) and partying and kissing and yelling at the sky and looking at the fireworks and staring at the stars and just being with the people they love and love and love some more.

No idea. I may or may not have done most of the above. but i sure as hell did not make any fancy resolutions about the new year… coz the year is new but hey… i’m changing everyday so why should i suddenly announce to the world that i am throwing away a certain pet peeve or idiosyncracy that i own and nurture… why? why? i might as well get a tattoo saying something profound like  (be the change you want to see in the world) and trivialising the whole idea by stamping it onto your left arm next to that mole for life. What? 


Basically i’m scared about making profound changes to my personality (when i obviously don’t know any better) and then trying to hang onto this new me with all the will of a drowning man at sea trying to stay afloat. Why?

and finally… just no. I don’t like the idea. I can’t seem to think of any historic or traditional ties to this said new year habit… and even if i did. Poo. 

I’m just going to carry on trying to be me.. and trying to change every single day. Otherwise it’ll just be boring as hell for me. 

So happy New Year earthlings

Make the most of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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