Ridiculous origins for commonplace words

I’m not actually going to give you a little history 101 on of each the origins. But think about it. How did culture influence language to make even a pair of pants turn into a stereotype for the guy who now wears them ironically. Hmmmmmm….

So let’s start with-

1/ Hipster

2/ Crunk: according to the context can mean being ‘crazy and drunk’ or ‘high and drunk’. Either way you’re too drunk to spell drunk properly. Also a type of music: combination of hip-hop and electronic specifically designed to confuse white people (hahahaha).

Origins: popularised by  Conan O Brien on his show when he tried to form a word that sounded like an insult (a combination of swear words) without actually meaning anything.. 

3/ Vagina: is Latin for sheath- clearly feminism was not invented when this word was. 

4/ Avacado: 

(from the word “Ahuacatl”), comes from an Aztec language called Nahuatl, and the Aztecs weren’t afraid to call things like they saw them. What I am saying is that the Aztecs saw avocados like testicles.

 5/ Whiskey

comes from the Gaelic words uisge beatha, which literally mean “water of life.” Scottish people take their drinking really fucking seriously.

6/ Salmon:

Salmon comes from the Latin word for “To jump,” salire, and that actually totally makes sense when you think about it. For a fish, salmon are unbelievably good at jumping.

7/ Mortgage:

The word “Mortgage” comes from the Old French mort (dead) and gage (pledge), and now I don’t want to buy a house anymore.





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