Beautiful Procrastination

Beautiful Procrastination

This version of Gooey features Chester Watson (more hidden rap talent waiting to be heard in eargasmic moments when everything else in life seems to be failing).

Have a looksy at his lovely picture with a bowl of cereal? Yum. 

Love as always,

diligent University student who is attempting all forms of procrastibaking, procrastiwrting, procrasticoffe drinking, etc.


Good Article: Some Sticky Fingers loving (:

Good Article: Some Sticky Fingers loving (:

“wrapped up inside is some of the most delightful, well-written and seriously likeable reggae-pop to come out of this city in a long time, and I should know, because I have been handed no less than three reggae CDs from Sydney-based groups in the last month.”

Just Go Home and Have a Listen to “These Girls” by Sticky Fingers.

I feel deeply in love with this reggae-pop band. My heart is yours. 

Life Lessons before you come to India: How to tie Kite Knots (:

Life Lessons before you come to India: How to tie Kite Knots (:

Hello all,

i just thought i should share this very slowly moving, but perfectly at speed with life in Hyderabad kite-flying lesson on How To Tie The Thread To a Kite Before Attempting to Fly to save you from mucking up your kite (only Rs.10 but still very precious)…

I’ve tried to fly a kite with full determination from when i was six… and i still need this guy to show me how. Why. Why. Why. Enjoy.